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Eurovision 2011 Preview: Part 3

We’re now three parts in (catch one and two here), and by now you should be starting to work out who will get your douze points, and who’ll end up like Donna and Joe! So on with the show. Here’s part three of my Eurovision 2011 Dusseldorf preview:

MALTA: Glen Vella – ‘One Life’
Ah Malta, the home of retired Brits. So they usually end up selling a British ex-pat. However, Glen Vella looks very Mediterranean, and has a song to match. A song that wouldn’t seem out of place on Perez Hilton. Yes, that’s brutal. That video is atrocious too. Sounds like he’s saying ‘Wildlife’. Maybe he is.
If ‘One Life’ was a past Irish entry, it would be: Red Hurley ‘When’ (1976) – It’s hard to see how this would appeal to anyone, but yet it seems to be popular. Bizarre.

SAN MARINO: Senit – ‘Stand By’
Lisa Bonet is back! Or whatever her character in High Fidelity was called. Yes her. If you’re looking for a bland ballad, this is the one you’ve been waiting for. All that snow must not be too inspiring. Not a chance this makes the final.
If ‘Stand By’ was a past Irish entry, it would be: Maria Christian – ‘Wait Until the Weekend Comes’ (1985). An equally uninspiring, insipid ballad.

CROATIA: Daria – ‘Celebrate’
A song that opens with the word “Friday” better have a reference to “gettin down” or “partying”. This has neither, not even a cereal bowl reference. Disco-pop straight from the early 90s. Just like that Family Guy’s Road to Europe, how they get albums decades later. This is that.
If ‘Celebrate’ was a past Irish entry, it would be: Sinead Mulvey & Black Daisy ‘Et Cetera’ (2009). Tries to be hip, cool, and down with the kids. But instead just feels dated in every way.

ICELAND: Sigurj√≥n’s Friends (Sjonni’s Friends) – ‘Coming Home’
A band made up of four Robsons and one Jerome. Like those best X Factor entries, this one has a sob story. Original singer Sigurjon Brink passed away in January, and the song is now to be sung by his friends. The fact it sounds like a softer Take That ballad gives it further appeal. Very decent.
If ‘Coming Home’ was a past Irish entry, it would be: Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan ‘Rock & Roll Kids’ (1994). Ireland’s best ever entry. Likewise this is Iceland’s best ever attempt. The fact it’s a group of old dudes makes it all the more similar.

HUNGARY: Kati Wolf – ‘What About My Dreams?’
Now this is more like it. Screechy europop with a nonsensical video. Sang in both English and Hungarian, this amazingly works. It’s a great song among the poppier numbers, and I’d expect it to make the final. Also, two members of twelfth place 1997 entry VIP wrote the song. Talk about a Eurovision pedigree!
If ‘What About My Dreams? was a past Irish entry, it would be: Mickey-Joe Harte ‘We’ve Got the World Tonight’ (2003). Fantastically upbeat, with oodles of potential, but unlikely to win when it all comes down to it.

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