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Eurovision 2011 Preview: Part 6

Ireland are one of the acts in Semi-Final 2 for Eurovision 2011 in Dusseldorf, and will be facing some fine entries (some awful ones too). Here’s the next instalment of my Eurovision 2011 preview.

UKRAINE: Mika Newton – ‘Angel’
Something a little different from Ukraine, with a little synth-pop. Sort of. There’s a plinky bit at the start. That counts, right? Joking aside, this is a pretty decent song. One of the better ones this year.
If ‘Angel’ was a past Irish entry, it would be: Niamh Kavanagh ‘In Your Eyes’ (1993). A good song from a strong female singer, with the potential to win the prize.

MOLDOVA: Zdob şi Zdub – ‘So Lucky’
Moldova’s attempt at a Lordi style rocker just doesn’t work. It sounds like that band your mates were in while in school. You know the one, they had such diverse acts as the Ramones and the Sex Pistols as influences, but sounded more like Christy Dignam.
If ‘So Lucky’ was a past Irish entry, it would be: The Mullans ‘When You Need Me’ (1999). Looked at what worked in other years, thought they’d copy it, and came up well short.

SWEDEN: Eric Saade – ‘Popular’
A-Ha are back. Oh no, they’re not actually. Terrible attempt at dated pop. Singing “I will be popular” won’t win you any friends buddy. Everyone can see past your dance moves to the fact your song is terrible.
If ‘Popular’ was a past Irish entry, it would be: Dustin the Turkey ‘Irelande Douze Points’ (2008). Not as popular as it thought it was.

CYPRUS: Christos Mylordos – ‘San aggelos s’agapisa’ / ‘Σαν άγγελος σ’αγάπησα’ / ‘I Loved You Like an Angel’
Alienating themselves from the Turkish vote, the Cypriots are singing in Greek this year. As usual, they’ve sent a handsome tanned man. As usual, they’ve sent a weak song.
If ‘San aggelos’ was a past Irish entry, it would be: Jump the Gun ‘Take Him Home’ (1988). I’m running out of Irish songs now, so I’m finding it hard to come up with comparisons. Do you really care anyway? I mean, no-one could even name the 1988 entry, just like how no-one will remember this bland ballad.

BULGARIA: Poli Genova – ‘Na inat’ / ‘На инат’ / ‘For Spite’
There’s nothing wrong with a country singing in their own language. But the song has to stand up. Luckily for Bulgaria, this one isn’t half bad. Her hair is atrocious though.
If ‘Na inat’ was a past Irish entry, it would be: Linda Martin ‘Terminal 3′ (1984). A good singer with a strong pop pedigree, let’s just hope Poli doesn’t end up advertising insurance or judging the All-Bulgaria Talent Show somewhere down the line.

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