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Album News: The Plea – The Dreamers Stadium

Donegal band the Plea arrived on the scene last year with the excellent U2-inspired single ‘Praise Be’ and went on to play Oxegen 2011. They’re back this year with their debut album, the apostrophe-avoiding The Dreamers Stadium, set for release in May. Produced by Chris Potter (The Verve, The Rolling Stones, U2), it stands up strong against their rock pedigree. Check out the rehearsal video for ‘The Odyssey’ below.

1. Staggers Anthem 00:05:41
2. The Odyssey 00:03:59
3. Praise Be 00:03:45
4. Feel It Ticking 00:03:36
5. I Am The Miracle 00:03:38
6. Windchime 00:06:45
7. Oh Ah Yay 00:04:02
8. Send It Out 00:04:06
9. Glass Waltz 00:04:20
10. Out Like A Light 00:04:39
11. Too Young To Die 00:04:44
12. When The Boat Comes Home 00:04:10

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