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Review: Ireland Euro 2012 Song – Boys in Green 2012

Time for a new feature on the blog, looking ahead to Euro 2012. By now, you’ve probably heard that Jedward and Colm Hayes will be releasing a re-recorded version of ‘Lipstick’ to cheer on the Boys in Green, while Ray D’arcy has teamed up with Damian Dempsey to update his ‘Rocky Road to Dublin’. But what about all those unofficial tunes that are being released, don’t they deserve love to? Well, most of them don’t. So I’ll be reviewing as many as I can in the months leading up to Poland and the Ukraine. These won’t be straight-up reviews, but look at whether the song ticks all the relevant soccer song boxes.

Breen White & Gold – ‘Boys In Green 2012′

Looking Back: Cormac Sheedy and Bryan Fleming start the tune with the ‘Give It A Lash’ riff, which is always a plus. But more so than that, they’re named after legendary Irish centre-back Gary Breen. That alone is worthy of one star.

Mentioning the Lads: Talks about “the lads” as a group, but no mention of Robbie, Damien, Shay or the rest. How are the bandwagon fans to know who to cheer on if you don’t mention their names? No star here I’m afraid.

Trash Talk: Breen, White & Gold have something to say about all our opponents, but it won’t really strike fear into the opposition. Spain won’t be intimidated by talk of the lads having a few beers when they’re winning. No dice.

Chorus: “Come on the Boys in Green / Use your inner Gary Breen / There’s one in every man” is fairly memorable, and there’s some “la la la”ing and “Turalura”s so that’ll do pig, that’ll do. Ticks the boxes here.

Overall: Only the very best of Euro 2012 songs will get an extra point for standing out. This isn’t one of those brilliant tunes though. Decent, but I couldn’t see it catching on in the terraces at the old Lansdowne.

[xrr rating=2/5]

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