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Review: Ireland’s Eurovision 2012 Entries

Tonight the Late Late Show will be turning into its annual Eurosong fest to determine a Song for Ireland for the Eurovision. This year’s extravaganza is being held in Azerbaijan, so only the most ardent Eurovision fans will be making the trip to the contest. As always, there’s five entries battling it out to be Ireland’s official entry. And here they are…

Maria McCool – ‘Mistaken’
A celtic-flavoured entry from the Donegal singer, who hails from Enya’s hometown. Sadly this isn’t even in Enya’s ballpark, and allegedly brings to mind Eimear Quinn’s ‘The Voice’. She wishes. It was written by B*Witched’s Edele Lynch, whose Barbarellas seem to have fallen off the face of the earth. This is a song you’ll never hear of again after tonight.

Donna McCaul – ‘Mercy’
One of two former Eurovision entrants in the final five, Donna was one half of brother-sister duo Donna and Joe back in 2005. Remember their song ‘Love’? Of course you don’t, it was shocking. ‘Mercy’ however is a pop hit in the Duffy vein, and written by Scandinavians Lina and Marten Eriksson – who have previously worked with Eurovision Queen Linda Martin. Should come second to the spiky haired lads.

Andrew Mann – ‘Here I Am’
Andrew Mann’s rock ballad might have worked fifteen or twenty years ago, but does anyone listen to the Goo Goo Dolls any more? Allegedly he’s written hundreds of songs over the last ten years. No, I haven’t heard them either. His mentor is Greg French of the Brilliant Things. I’m thinking Greg should’ve put himself forward instead. Forgettable.

Una Gibney and David Shannon – ‘Language of Love’
Allegedly this entry is just as much about the theatrics and dance as much as the song. You’d hope so, because this sounds like an 80s pop-rock song that not even Glee would touch. In fact, I think ‘The Drums of Africa are Calling Me Home’ by Sean O’Brien would have a better chance of winning.

Jedward – ‘Waterline’
I don’t really think it mattered what Jedward chose, they’d still win. However, unlike last year’s ‘Lipstick’ this song wasn’t written for a female singer, and the twins actually do a decent job. It’s a bit Chesney Hawkes, but that should add to its appeal across Europe. Hopefully. Guaranteed winner.

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