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Euro 2012: Rory and the Island – Boys in Green 2012

A few weeks ago, I looked at the song ‘Boys in Green 2012′ from Breen, White & Gold. This song has the same name, but is a vastly better-produced tune, with a video introduced by Irish legend Ronnie Whelan with the former Revs frontman paying tribute to Bob Dylan’s ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’

Rory and the Island – ‘Boys In Green 2012′

Looking Back: Rory Gallagher’s own career with the Revs allowed him to get Liverpool man Ronnie Whelan in the video, so what more can you ask? A mention of Euro 88? Well, that’s there too. Good work Rory!

Mentioning the Lads: Mentions a Save from Shay, and a Goal from Keane, as well as Trapattoni’s plan, before going on to list the entire squad. My favourite Simon Cox gets a nod, so bonus points for that!

Trash Talk: “You ain’t never seen nothin’ like the boys in green” probably won’t put the fear of God into Xavi and Busquets, but it’s easy to sing!

Chorus: It’s a cover of Steve Earle’s ‘Galway Girl’, recently covered by Mundy and Sharon Shannon, so everyone knows the tune. And the new words don’t seem too forced either.

Overall: One of the best Euro 2012 songs so far, and I have a feeling it will be much better than the official one. Doubt many others will mention the legend that is Paul McShane!

[xrr rating=4/5]

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