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Stream: Indiecater Euro 2012 Compilation – Sing Up for the Boys in Green

Our good friends over at Indiecater Records have rounded up some of Ireland’s finest bands (as well as some “plastic” fans from the USA) to record a compilation of tunes ahead of Euro 2012. It’s a worthy follow-up to Indiecater’s excellent World Cup 2010 compilation which gave us the epic ‘Ballad of El Diego’ and ‘St George’s Day’, featuring nods to Saipan, Kilbane, and the genius ‘Aldo vs Yellow Hat’. It’s a charming collection of tunes, and will be released officially next Monday, 23rd of April for a cost of €5. How can you resist a bargain like that? The perfect soundtrack to campervanning it from Poznan to Gdansk and back.

Why Kevin Kilbane is CF I’ll never know. At least Эйден Макгиди is in the right place!

GK) My Brother Woody – Aldo Vs Yellow Hat
LFB) The Holy Roman Army – Royston Flies Into The Heart Of Darkness
CH) Ginnels – Come Back To Saipan
CH) The Very Most – Sing UP For The Boys In Green
RFB) Grand Pocket Orchestra – Shitkicker
LM) The Depravations – Little Red Elvis
CM) Adam And Darcie – Manuela Spinelli
CM) Youth Mass – Sea Of Green
RM) Ican Ican’t – 3 Nil-Nils
CF) My Brother Woody – Kevin Kilbane
CF) Lightfinder – For The Boys In Green


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