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Album News: Cody ChesnuTT – Landing on a Hundred

One of my favourite hip-hop/rap songs of the last decade or so is ‘The Seed’ from Cody ChesnuTT’s The Headphone Masterpiece, which was turned into ‘The Seed 2.0′ by the Roots. It’s the funkiest, funniest, funnest hip-hop/rock song of the 2000s and is the kind of stuff Prince wishes he was recording today.

Well, Cody has just announced details of his new album – his first full-length in 10 years – which he is Kickstarter funding with the help of his fans. He has a target of $20,000 and has already raised over a third of that.

Here’s what Cody has to say about the album:
“Greetings and Love. I’m Cody ChesnuTT.
I’m releasing a new album. The title of this album is Landing On A Hundred.
Landing on a hundred. What does that mean?
Landing on something truthful. Landing on something purposeful…something meaningful.
This body of work is extremely meaningful to me because it represents the journey I have been on since I last released an album. To give you a little history about this record, it was recorded in Memphis, TN at Al Green’s old studio, Royal Studios. It was also recorded in Cologne, Germany at a studio by the name of SuPow which is owned and run by a great friend of mine, the co- producer of the album, Patrice Bart-Williams.
Words cannot describe or express how excited I am about this music and I am doing this Kickstarter project so that you can participate in getting the music to you – getting the music out to the people.
In exchange for joining me on this journey, I would like to share with you some exclusive personalized items.”

Watch the Behind the Scenes video:

and preview the album:

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