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Watch: Ryan Adams, Netherlands 2011 Full Show

Ryan Adams played a couple of shows in the Netherlands last year on his Ashes & Fire acoustic tour. One of them, the Amsterdam gig at Concertgebouw appears on his Live After Deaf box set. This gig was shown on Dutch television, and took place at the Chassé Theater in Breda. It was uploaded by aijadelahaija, and contains the following songs, as well as the times they start at on the video.

Ashes & Fire 0:09
If I Am a Stranger 4:03
Dirty Rain 9:24
Invisible Riverside 13:55
Everybody Knows 19:12
Firecracker 22:53
Let It Ride 26:11
New York, New York 31:53
Two 36:57
Crossed Out Name 40:06
Do I Wait 43:04
16 Days 47:55
thank you to the audience 52:48
Come Pick Me Up 54:33


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