Swear I’m Not Paul has been running since the summer of 2008 and has gone from strength to strength, beginning as a simple blogspot blog before moving to the look and location you see today. It’s run and maintained by one person, Ronan Hunt-Murphy, who previously wrote music reviews for popular Canadian website TwoWayMonologues before starting out on his own. It features mostly Irish music, but also has an international flavour, and covers every genre. If you would like to submit news, songs, or albums for consideration, please contact me using one of the options below.



  1. Hi Ronan, came across your site whilst looking for Bruce Springsteen Hyde Park set, I am made up I’ve found you! What a wonderful array of bootlegs… One request, I can’t get the Jethro Tull gig at Dublin to download as the link is broken… Any chance you can set it back up? Thanks in advance. Do you have a donations link?

  2. Hi,
    I just wanted to let you know that Keith Moss is playing in Limerick, Cobblestone Joe’s at the 11/09/2013 for free.
    It would be great if you could promot that on your site.
    Jara Dressler
    Reekus Records

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