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Album News: Fiction Family – Betrayal (né The Real SeanJon)

With Chris Thile off doing his Punch Brothers thing (they play The Sugar Club, Dublin on Friday 11th of July), and Nickel Creek on hiatus (or split up, or whatever), siblings Sean and Sara Watkins have some time on their hands. Sara Watkins is scheduled to release a solo album some time this year. There are no concrete details at present.

Older sibling Sean, has started a new band of his own along with Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman. They originally had the name The Real SeanJon (after Puff Daddy/P Diddy/Sean Coombes himself), but have sinced changed this to Fiction Family. Personally I think The Real SeanJon is a much cooler name. They have finished recording their debut album, Betrayal, which is expected to hit record stores later this year. Probably Autumn-time (or Fall if you’re across the water).

To whet your appetite for the album (mine is well whetted already), here’s a few videos of them playing songs from Betrayal live:

The Title track, ‘Betrayal’

‘When She’s Near’

‘War in My Blood’

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