Setlist: Queens of the Stone Age, RDS, Dublin, 22 June 2008

If you ask me, it should’ve been Linkin Park supporting Queens of the Stone Age, but obviously there are more fans of the band we all though were better than Limp Bizkit ten years ago or so. Granted, they’re miles better than Limp Bizkit, but at the time they were both lumped into the same genre. Queens of the Stone Age, started off great, and seemed to go downhill after Nick Olivieri left them. Is a band without all the original members still the same band? Are The Who actually The Who anymore? Or REM? And how in God’s name can the Sugababes insist on calling themselves that, when they’ve gone through more lineup changes than Rafa Benitez’s Liverpool?

Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Do it Again
Song for the Deaf
Burn the witch
Little Sister
Sick Sick Sick
Misfit Love
Battery Acid
3s and 7s
Song for the Dead
No One Knows

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