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Album News: Bonnie Prince Billy – Is It The Sea?

Not only will we get the excellent Lie Down in the Light from Bonnie Prince Billy Will Oldham this year, but he’s also announced the release of a Live LP, Is It The Sea?

The show was recorded in Scotland in 2006. It will be released in the UK on October 20th, so you should see it in about six different shops in Ireland on the 17th! Somehow I don’t expect it to go straight to number 1 either. Damn Chris Brown and his rubbish!

Tracklist is as follows:
01 Minor Place
02 Love Comes to Me
03 Bed Is for Sleeping
04 Arise Therefore
05 Wolf Among Wolves
06 Ain’t You Wealthy, Ain’t You Wise?
07 Cursed Sleep
08 Molly Bawn
09 Birch Ballad
10 New Partner
11 Is It the Sea?
12 My Home Is the Sea
13 Master and Everyone

Here’s a clip of ‘Cursed Sleep’ from that same 2006 tour (also in Scotland):

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