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Download: Animal Collective – Melkweg, Amsterdam

Animal Collective live
So, we have sparse detail of the new Animal Collective LP:

But while you wait, why not try out some of their new and live material, live in Amsterdam in October of last year (23 October 2007 to be exact). The quality is so good, it’s almost like being there.

1 Dancer 6:47
2 House 7:35
3 Unsolved Mysteries 4:53
4 Who Could Win a Rabbit 3:38
5 Peacebone 6:21
6 Chores 6:32
7 Bearhug 5:46
8 Fireworks / Essplode 15:39
9 Frightened 8:13
10 Brother Sport 6:46
11 Daily Routine 7:41
12 Leaf House 5:20
13 We Tigers 5:01
14 Grace 8:28
15 Derek 3:46

Download the full show from Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands here:
Part 1
Part 2

Thanks to my good friend Bill Tuthill for the upload!

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