Live Recommendations: 11-13 July 2008

Not much to recommend this weekend. Oxegen is on, so every artist in the land is gone to play that (before flying to/from T in the Park to do the exact same). The only night there’s really anyone you may have heard of is tonight.

P-Square are an American rap/hip-hop duo, if that’s your thing. It’s not mine, I’m more of a bluegrass man myself, and thus intend to see Punch Brothers at the Sugar Club. Chris Thile is their mainman, and he used to be the main man in Nickel Creek. Punch brothers are more instrumental than Nickel Creek, and if you’ve heard any of Thile’s solo material, you know what to expect.

Sorry for the briefness of this recommendations, but I more than made up for it, with my Oxegen previews:

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