Setlist: Laura Marling, Whelan’s, 1 July 2008

So, it’s obvious I was there last night. So expect a review tomorrow. I always need a day to digest how good a gig was.

Here’s the setlist to keep you occupied til then. Also, email me at with any corrections you have, cause I have no idea what these new songs are called. Laura, if you fancy dropping me a line to do some shameless publicity, feel free. I’d love to do an interview or something!

My Manic and I
You’re No God
Week Need to Be Led (maybe called Vulnerable/Rambling Man)
Made a Maid
All Of This Can Be Broken/I Am Your Keeper
Blackberry Stone
Cross Your Fingers >
Crawled Out Of The Sea
Alas I Cannot Swim >
Alas I Cannot Swim Reprise (quite rousing version)
I’m A Fly

Thanks to Chris Hall for emailing me some corrections for song titles.

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