Setlist: REM, Oxegen Festival, 12 July 2008

Not their best set, and plenty of promotion for Accelerate, but old-school fans know what to expect at this stage, on the Main Stage (see what I did there), yesterday. Not one song from Murmurs and Reckoning. It was a year to the day since the last performed in Ireland, where they rehearsed their new songs. Amazingly, they weren’t headliners. That was left to The Verve.

‘Living Well Is The Best Revenge’
‘These Days’
‘What’s The Frequency Kenneth’
‘Begin The Begin’
‘Man Size Wreath’
‘Hollow Man’
‘Imitation Of Life’
‘The One I Love’
‘Loosing My Religion’
‘Fall On Me’
‘Let Me In’
‘Bad Day’
‘Horse To Water’
‘Orange Crush’
‘I’m Gonna DJ’
‘Supernatural Superserious’
‘It’s The End Of The World As We Know it’
‘Man On The Moon’

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