Setlist: We Are Scientists, Oxegen, 13 July 2008

We Are Scientists played ‘Chick Lit’ on the O2 Stage on Sunday, but luckily Amanda Brunker was nowhere to be seen. Have you checked out extracts of her “novel” in the Sunday World? Perhaps the worst piece of filth I’ve ever seen. She makes Cecelia Ahern look like Jane Austen. The band themselves played a blinder with songs from both their excellent debut With Love and Squalor and their new attention-grabbing Brain Thrust Mastery.

‘Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt’
‘Chick Lit’
‘This Scene Is Dead’
‘Let’s See It’
‘Cash Cow’
‘After Hours’
‘It’s A Hit’
‘Lethal Enforcer’
‘The Great Escape’

Check out closer ‘The Great Escape’:

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