Shameless Promotion #1 : Shauna’s blog

I was just thinking, some people’s blogs just don’t get enough credit. Especially ones I like. So Why not promote some of them now and then. Here’s number 1!

Shauna is currently my housemate. Thus I’m incredibly biased. But don’t get me wrong, that aside, her blog is damn good, and damn funny.

And by “currently” I mean “until either me or her get voted out”. Speaking of Big Brother, my God I can’t stand that Stu fella. Make-up and nail varnish? Really!? Yeah, Shauna loves him. He is super cheesy after all. Plus she thinks he’s hotttt.

Her stories of random drunkeness and the love of the cheesiest of music are always wonderful. And I’m not going totally off-topic here, because she does talk about music and concerts. She was at Boo-blay himself last night.

“I wanna come hoooooooooome”

Check out her blog here:

And while I’m on the subject, I might as well shamelessly promote a little video I recorded in the wilds of Riga, in the style of a David Attenborough documentary, about an untamed animal called ‘RatBoy’. Watch it, it’s hilarious!

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