Electric Picnic 2008: Merkabar Timetable

Merkabar Line-Up found here

4.30pm Mr Weasel Goes Electro
6.00pm Kevin Blake (live electronic)
7.30pm N.S.E. (dubstep / live electronica)
9.00pm Special Guest
10.30pm Andy Barlow
12.30am Pathaan (Dance/World/Uplifting)
01.30am Raster Eyes
02.30am Bruce Bickerton (Alucidnation)
02.30am Ashes and Snow (amazing documentary film)

1.30pm Chequerboard
3.00pm The Crew and Jimmy The Hideous Penguin and Deviant
4.30pm Shane Mannion
6.00pm Chris and gramaphone
7.30pm Cinephile
9.00pm Giani (psy breaks / upbeat / funky)
10.30pm Aliji (glitch hop/dubstep/digidub)
12.30am Astech (dubstep / dance / urban)
2.00am David Bickley
3.00am One Giant Leap (new release)

12.00pm Mass….with Stevie G
3.00pm DJ Ruaille Buallie
4.30pm Aidan Kavanagh
6.00pm Jimmy Behan (live electronic)
7.30pm Guest
9.00pm Rumpistol
10.30pm Alex Paterson
12.00am Maurizio (deep/funky/slow)
1.30am Phil RetroSpector
3.00am Raster Eyes

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