Setlist: Tom Waits, Ratcellar, Phoenix Park, Dublin, 31 July 2008

Never mind Shane McGowan at The Ratcellar in the Phoenix Park for Tom Waits on Wednesday night, Thursday night had Edward Scissorhands himself, Johnny Depp. And if any of you got the Metro this morning (i.e. you didn’t phone in sick after seeing Tom last night), you may have read that he is rumoured to play The Riddler in the next Batman film. How amazing would that be.

Thursday Set List:
Down in the hole
Come on up the house
The bottom of the world
Jockey full of bourbon
Chocolate Jesus
Misery is the river of the world
Picture in a frame
Tango till they’re sore
Invitation to the blues
House where nobody lives
Innocent when you dream
Lie to me
Sixteen shells from a thirty-ought six
9th & Hennepin
Black market baby
Trampled rose
Hoist that rag
All the world is green
Hang down your head
Raindogs/Russian Dance
Make it rain
Heart attack and vine
Hold on

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