Setlist: Tom Waits, The Ratcellar, Phoenix Park, Dublin, 1 August 2008

Don’t know if Johnny Depp was at last night’s show, but myself and the other half are going to visit all the Dublin hotels to try and stalk him out!

Raindogs/Russian Dance
Down in the hole
I’ll shoot the moon
Other side of the world
Falling Down
Jesus’ gonna be here
Tom Traubert’s Blues
Heart of Saturday Night
Lost in the Harbor
House Where Nobody Lives
Innocent When you Dream
Hoist That Rag
Cemetery Polka
Green Grass
Long Way Home
Lie to Me
Blue Valentines
Trampled Rose
Eyeball Kid
Going Out West
God’s Away on Business
Make it Rain
16 Shells from a thirty-ought six
Heigh Ho
Dirt in the Ground
Metropolitan Glide
Lucky Day

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