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Album News: Jem – Down to Earth

Jem - Down to Earth

I’m sorry guys, my radar must have been broken, because I didn’t hear this stalking up on me until it was right beside me. Jem’s second album, the follow-up to her glorious debut Finally Woken, is to be released on Tuesday in the US. It’s called Down to Earth and has already been leaked onto the internet. I only found out about it when it was being discussed in a forum I visit. How did I not hear about this? Her label must not have done too brilliant a job publicising it!

The press release states that Jem co-wrote the album with a variety of people including Jeff Bass, Lester Mendez and Greg Kurstin and sings in Japanese on the track, “Aciid!”. The album also includes a collaboration with South African singer-songwrite and poet-activist Vusi Mahlasela on the track “You Will Make It” recalling 9/11, and dealing with the suffering of loss.”

Press release? I never got it… But the appearance of Vusi Mahlasela, who has worked with Dave Matthews Band, has definitely got my attention.

Hopefully there’s something on here that’s as good as ‘They’.

1. “Down to Earth” (Jem Griffiths, Jeff Bass, Justin Griffiths)
2. “Crazy” (Jem Griffiths, Jeff Bass)
3. “I Want You To…” (Jem Griffiths, Lester Mendez, Lucas MacFadden)
4. “It’s Amazing” (Lester Mendez, Jem Griffiths)
5. “Keep On Walking” (Jem Griffiths, Jeff Bass)
6. “You Will Make It” (Featuring Vusi Mahlasela) (Jem Griffiths, Justin Griffiths)
7. “I Always Knew” (Lester Mendez, Jem Griffiths)
8. “Got It Good” (Jem Griffiths, Jeff Bass)
9. “Aciid!” (Greg Kurstin, Jem Griffiths)
10. “How Would You Like It” (Jem Griffiths, Justin Griffiths)
11. “And So I Pray” (Jem Griffiths, Kevin Beber)
12. “On Top of the World” (Lester Mendez, Jem Griffiths)

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