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Raw- RTE TV Series
A little aside from usual programming! Hopefully it might inspire some small discussion in the comments section (probably just B and myself!)

Did anyone catch the two new RTÉ Two shows last night? Raw starring The Rock, Stone Cold, oh no wait, it’s not the wrestling program, it’s a rip-off of Channel 5′s The Kitchen. Raw is “raw” new drama from RTÉ – gettit? Based around the steamy lives of restaurant workers. See steamy? I am puntastic today! It stars me lad from Bachelor’s Walk and me one from Pure Mule. It’ a show so good, it doesn’t even have an iMDB page yet. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to watch it; I was cooking up something else (oh yeah!), but what did my four avid readers think?

If you missed it (like me), you can still catch the episode here:

On the other hand, I did catch sight of the awful Langerland.TV I will admit I was mildly amused at previous net phenomenon (at least in Ireland), ‘What Have The Brits Ever Done For Us?’ But last night’s IRA-themed nonsense seemed like just cheap joke after cheap joke, and it didn’t bring out a smile, never mind a chortle or guffaw. RTÉ and new programming rarely go together. The best ever TV show we had here was a Channel 4 production. That should tell you something. Luckily, sometimes they get it right. Now is not one of those times.

I was a fan of Pure Mule and Bachelor’s Walk, which will probably mean I’ll click that link above and check out episode one of Raw over the weekend; but somehow I doubt I’ll ever watch the clichéd Langerland ever again.

This was three years ago, when Langerland was actually half-decent:

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