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Download: Au Revoir Simone – ‘Lark’ Remix

Au Revoir Simone - Reverse Migration album cover

You may already own Au Revoir Simone’s excellent debut The Bird of Music. Maybe even an EP or mini-album. But you better be prepared for what’s next…

Reverse Migration is collection of their favorite remixes and cover versions their friends have created from The Bird of Music. It could well be interesting if this track ‘Lark’ is anything to go by!

Air, Hot Chip, and The Teenagers are all involved. Good line-up. Hopefully the rest will match.

Reverse Migration Tracklist
01. The Lucky One – Slow Club
02. Sad Song – Pacific!
03. Fallen Snow – The Teenagers
04. I Couldn’t Sleep – Darkel
05. A Violent Yet Flammable World – Montag
06. Don’t See The Sorrow – Keith Murray
07. Dark Halls – Best Fwends
08. Night Majestic – Matt Harding
09. Stars – Disco Pusher
10. Lark – Ruff and Jam
11. The Way To There – Mark-Anthony Tieku
12. Sad Song – Alexis Taylor
13. The Lucky One – James Yuill

Download Au Revoir Simone – Lark (Ruff and Jam Remix)

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