Download: Drive-By Truckers – Uncle Phil and Aunt Phyllis in the Month After the Election

To coincide with yesterday’s wonderful election (I’m wrecked as I stayed up to watch the country turn blue), Drive-By Truckers released an mp3 they recorded from the time of the 2004 election.

P.Hoody had this to say:
“I wrote this song the week after the 2004 Presidential Election.
I was in a state of semi-shock and near-depression as my daughter’s birth was impending and I was depressed to think of her born into the world during a Bush Presidency.

It was recorded live in the studio at Chase Park Transduction with me on the microphone, David Hood (my Dad) on the bass guitar, Johnny Neff playing some sleazy sounding electric guitar, Brad Morgan playing the drums, and David Barbe on the B3. It was late at night and everyone’s spirits were high.

I am throwing this out as my election week gift to you.
Please get out and vote.
I will be voting for Obama because I think he has the guts, vision judgment and smarts to guide us through these troubled times and help America regain her prominence in the 21st century.
It’s time for a change and not four more years of bullshit.

Jr. has wrapped the Camaro around too many telephone poles and it’s time to take his keys away.


Respectfully Yours,
Patterson Hood”

Download here:
Drive-By Truckers – ‘Uncle Phil and Aunt Phyllis in the Month After the Election’

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