Best of 2008: irish Blogs & Publications, update 4

Like LargeHeartedBoy’s worldwide list, I intend to make a list of every Irish best of I see. Email me at or leave a comment if you want yours added!

2UIBestow Top 3 of Everything in 2008
Alan Whelan’s Top 50 Albums
Evening Herald/Herald AM’s Top Irish Albums
IndieLimerick’s Top 10 Albums
Irish Times’ The Ticket Best Albums & Gigs
Jim Carroll’s Top 20 Albums
Metro’s Best Irish Albums
MP3 Hugger’s Top 42 Songs
RTE Guide‘s Top 8 from ’08
State Magazine Top 25 Albums
Swear I’m Not Paul (this blog, click on a section:) 60-51 50-41 40-31 30-21 20-11 10-01
UCD University Observer Top 3 Albums

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