Best of 2008: Irish Blogs & Publications, Update 5

Like LargeHeartedBoy’s worldwide list, I intend to make a list of every Irish best of I see. Email me at or leave a comment if you want yours added!

2UIBestow Top 3 of Everything in 2008
Alan Whelan’s Top 50 Albums
Evening Herald/Herald AM’s Top Irish Albums
IndieLimerick’s Top 10 Albums
Irish Times’ The Ticket Best Albums & Gigs
Jim Carroll’s Top 20 Albums
Metro’s Best Irish Albums
MP3 Hugger’s Top 42 Songs
Nialler 9′s Readers’ Top 20 Irish Albums
Nialler 9′s Top 30 Albums
Nialler 9′s Top 50 Songs
RTE Guide‘s Top 8 from ’08
State Magazine Top 25 Albums
Swear I’m Not Paul (this blog, click on a section:) 60-51 50-41 40-31 30-21 20-11 10-01
UCD University Observer Top 3 Albums

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