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Download: The Silt – No Twig

The Silt band picture

Every time I type the band name “The Silt”, I have to be careful. Work it out…

They’re a band from Toronto, who are set to release their proper debut record Cat’s Peak next Monday. They’re a mixture of everything, and ‘No Twig’, available for download here is a fantastic folky number, which indicates the brilliance to come on the album proper.

The Silt – ‘No Twig’

1 Come Back To The Willow
2 No Twig
3 Feathershine
4 Cat’s Peak
5 Sunlit Cloud
6 Two Eyes
7 Taking A Walk
8 Cocoon
9 Beautiful Shell
10 Twilight In The Morning
11 Lit
12 Ears To The Rail
13 An Hour

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