Song Review: U2 – Get On Your Boots

U2 - Get On Your Boots single cover

How many times am I accidentally going to type ‘Get Your Boots On’ instead of the proper tilte ‘Get On Your Boots’? Well, probably just another handful of times after Dave Fanning dropped in to give the first ever play to the new U2 single on 2FM’s Colm and Jim-Jim Breakfast Show at 8 bells this morning.

The song is exactly what you’d expect from post-Vertigo U2. It has lead single written all over it. It’s overdrive to the max, and seems to tumble past itself at extortionate speeds. You know the way on Top Gear when they cut to the Stig in-car, he’s always listening to some classic driving music or ELO? Well, ‘Get On Your Boots’ was probably what Richard Hammond had on the stereo before that near-fatal crash.

It’s pounding, it contains one of those “you know it’s U2″ riffs, and the chorus is goddamn catchy. Thus I won’t be calling it ‘Get Your Boots On’ for much longer. I’d say it’ll be a number one single for Bono and the boys. Especially with all the publicity U2 get these days. I’m just adding to it, aren’t I?

But a new U2 album is important if you’re in the Irish music world. Well it seems important. Every newspaper mentioned it today. But from these early signs, it looks like No Line on the Horizon is going to be How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb 2. So expect a huge worldwide stadium tour. Maybe starting in Croker and ending at the new Landsdowne next year? Could be, could be…

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