TV Review: This is Nightlive and Project Ha Ha Dead Cat Bounce

This is Nightlife!

Another new season for RTE, more new “comedy” for us viewers. Last night’s programming was a mixed affair. The first of the two new shows, This is Nightlife was the Irish take on The Day Today. It attempted to satirise Irish televesion news, but in order for a staire to work, it needs to be cutting edge. However, Nightlive/fe lacked real bite. It brought ne’er a chuckle, and a rare smile. The newscast stories came across as half-baked, and Johnny Hansom is a poor man’s Chris Morris. The behind the scenes was no better, taking the easy options of taking the Mick out of Irish newscasters Grainne Seoige (which it must be pointed out has move on from news, so a swing and a miss there), Trevor Corcoran. A real opportunity was blown in their attempt to broadcast from inside a warzone. They should’ve had the Charlie Bird-type on a hotel balcony, because we all know that’s what RTE pays for out there. Kind of like FAS in the US. The worst moment? The awful “Thank God for protestants” line. I’m not going to be juvenile, but you can think of some nice rhyming slang for the show yourself. It makes The English Class look like No Country for Old Men.

On the other hand, Project Ha-Ha’s Dead Cat Bounce sketch show offered promise. While no real belly-laughs emerged, there were a few genuine smirks. The News 360 section was so much better than the entirety of This is Nightlife!, especially the snide comment about the wearing of make-up which may have been influenced by Father Ted. Similarly, Graham Linehan was also echoed in yet another Chris Morris-type (his character in the stellar IT Crowd, which the MD of the company involved in the well-known dead hooker incident. And even the Flight of the Conchords-esque song was well done. In fact, it was stuck in my head for the entire ad break. Take that Jacobs Biscuits!

Now, after typing this I see Jim Carroll has also done a similar review of This is Nightlife, except his is rather more positive. Opinion seems to be split on this one. Maybe Johnny Hansom and the rest can do another “exit poll”, har-har!

Read Jim’s review here:

Also, a note to anyone from RTE who reads this: If you want someone to write you a better TV show, I’ll gladly do it. I’ve a few ideas which would be better baked than these, just drop me a line. I’ll be happy to help out!

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