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Download: The Rest – Apples and Allergies

The Rest - Everyone All at Once

Queue me fawning over an album cover again. Nothing really explains why I like certain album covers, but I really do like the one for Hamilton Ontario’s The Rest’s upcoming second album Everyone All at Once.

And if the music is anything like the cover, it’s sure to be great. From what I’ve heard, it will be. The song I have here, ‘Apples and Allergies’ builds and builds into brilliance, well, from, brilliance. (Far too many commas there!)

1. Coughing Blood / Fresh Mountain Air
2. Modern Time Travel (Necessities)
3. Sheep In Wolves’ Clothing
4. Phonetically, Phonetically
5. Apples & Allergies
6. Drinking Again
7. Blossom Babies Part Two
8. Walk on Water (Auspicious Beginnings)
9. The Lady Vanishes
10. Everything All At Once
a) The Last Great Cocoa Owl Job
b) In My Attic, Souvenirs

The Rest – ‘Apples and Allergies’

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