Watch: Peter Doherty on the Late Late Show

Yeah, he’s going as Peter these days. Probably so when the Sun newpsaper types “Pete Doherty” into their scandal database (I assume they have one), that no articles linking him with either drugs or Kate Moss will pop up. Now it’s all about the music.

But God knows what Friday night’s Late Late Show was. Very strange. My mother told me she wouldn’t watch it, and instead flicked over. I wonder did he turn off many other viewers. For me though, the whole thing was weird. He would’ve been more suited to Ryan Tubridy, or even though I don’t like her show one bit, Lucy Kennedy. Or if only a Podge and Rodge Special. Imagine the brilliance of that. However, his performance on Friday night was lifeless and lacklustre. Maybe he needs the drugs back. Actually scratch that, we just need someone other than Pat Kenny doing the hosting. But please God, anyone but Daithi O’Shea

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