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Album News: Dave Matthews Band – Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King

Dave Matthews Band - Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King album cover art

Dave was interviewed on for Reuters or Yahoo or Billboard or someone, it’s here anyway:

In the interview, Dave Matthews talks about how he put his heart and soul into this record, which is a tribute to the late Leroi Moore. Rob Cavallo tells how the album was created using some of Moore’s sax work, recorded before his tragic death: “We created a giant ProTools file that had all of his parts, even if he was just tinkering around during a demo phase off-mic. We scoured the hard drives to find all of these moments he had.”

Another important paragraph from the article is:
Highlights include the funk-rock rave-up “Shake Me,” the stirring ballad “In the Hands of God,” the swampy rocker “Cockadile,” radio-friendly fare like “Why I Am,” which features playful horns over a solid rock riff and a hooky chorus, “Funny the Way It Is,” which parlays a subtle intro into a soaring, syncopated anthem, and set pieces “Skworm” and “Time Bomb,” the latter featuring some of Matthews’ most fiery studio vocals in years.

You should read the whole thing for a full flavour, but from the sounds of it, Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King could well be Dave Matthews Band’s best since The Lillywhite Sessions.

Their US tour starts on Tuesday, so we may get to hear some of the new songs on the road before their studio release. If so, I’ll have them here for download.

Possible tracklist (in no order):
* (LeRoi Sax Intro)
* Shake Me Like a Monkey
* Dive In
* Lying in the Hands of God
* Funny The Way It Is
* Spaceman
* Skworm
* Timebomb
* Why I Am
* Cockadile
* You N Me Stripped Down

Watch fan interview (with song clip):

Album preview video:

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