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Album News: Better than Ezra – Paper Empire

Better than Ezra - Paper Empire

How did I let this one slip away from me? Better than Ezra are a US poprock band (kind of like Fountains of Wayne or one of those bands) that I really loved when I was younger. In fact, their album Closer is still one of my favourites, and regularly gets a spin. The lead single ‘Absolutely Still’ was released in March, and the album itself came out on Tuesday.

Track List:
1. Absolutely Still
2. Turn Up The Bright Lights
3. Just One Day
4. The Loveless
5. All In
6. Fit
7. Hell No!
8. Hey Love
9. Nightclubbing
10. Black Light
11. Wounded
12. I Just Knew

Watch ‘Absolutely Still’:

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