Live: Hockey at the Academy

I have a bad feeling about this. Not that it’ll be a bad gig, but that it just won’t happen. Hockey won’t be playing the Academy on September 22nd 2009. You know why? They’ll be massive by then, the show will have to upgraded to a bigger venue. Maybe the O2. Well, that’s what should happen anyway. This is the best band to come out in a long time. Maybe since the Libertines came on the scene. Or the Strokes. Whoever floats your boat. They’re as good as them all. (Oh and Passion Pit are damn good too, but you know that by the sheer amount I rant about them). But Hockey are the band of 2009. Everyone is going to love them. Like the way they embraced MGMT. Only these guys are more than just one or two songs. Everything I’ve heard from them in studio and live has been excellent.

Anyhow, tickets for the Academy gig are €16 and are on sale now. Expect a sell-out.

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