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Live Review: Counting Crows, O2 Dublin, 8 May 2009

Ireland loves the Counting Crows. We have for years. And I’m one of those people who loves them, even still, even after last year’s disappointing record. However, their live show is never disappointing, and last Friday at the O2 in Dublin was no different.

The band had played The Point before, as well as numerous other Irish venues, I remember them a few years back at Slane and at the Olympia. Great shows. Like this one. They’ve been here many many times, and this is even reflected in their tune ‘Washington Square’ which was the first song after the encore. It’s one of the better tunes from the album, and I had a feeling beforehand that they’d play it.

They opened the show itself with a fan request of ‘Sullivan Street’, the first time Adam says he ever took a fan request. And I must thank that fan, because it was an excellent start. They then went on to play ‘Cowboys’, a new song that sounds a bit Recovering the Satellitesy, which is a good thing.

This led perfectly into a run of RTS songs: ‘Ghost Train, ‘Have You Seen Me Lately?’ and sing along classic ‘Another Horsedreamer’s Blues’. ‘HYSML?’ is my favourite Counting Crows song, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed with this version.

Hard Candy cuts ‘Miami’, ‘Black and Blue’, and ‘High Life’ all sounded decent, especially ‘Miami’ where Adam introduced it was a nice little story about seeing his lover leave at the airport. Adam was wired throughout and we all thought that he’d end up falling after bumping into the mic stand a few times. He did actually slip on a guitar cable and although it was painful to watch, he got up unharmed.

As I said, this was the first night he ever took a request, but unfortunately he didn’t hear my request not to play ‘Le Ballet d’Or’, a horrendous song from Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings and the worst track they’ve ever recorded. This was the only low point of the night. It’d be wrong to complain about no ‘Mr Jones’, because we were given so much else including a nice treat to the Fairport Convention’s ‘Meet on the Ledge’.

‘A Long December’ was another highlight, and strangely ‘Holiday in Spain’ closed the show. This worked better than expected, and is a great tune live. Much better than on the album.

All in all, a wonderful return to Dublin from a band who promised they’ll be back soon. I can’t wait for the next time…

‘Have You Seen Me Lately?’ recorded at the O2 by Valerie.

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