Watch: Michael Jackson, RDS, Dublin, 1997

Michael Jackson, you will be missed. You were the greatest musician since Elvis, and left just as big an impact.

I was due to go to one of his 50 shows, but sadly this will never happen. Sniff.

I’m not going to write much more, as you’ll be reading so much, but you can watch his History Tour from the RDS, Dublin on July 19th, 1997. He only played three times in Ireland. The first time was on the Bad Tour in Pairc Ui Caoimh in Cork, and then again in Lansdowne as part of the Dangerous Tour.

1. Scream/They Don’t Care About Us/In the Closet:

2. Wanna Be Starting Something

3. Stranger in Moscow

4. Smooth Criminal

5. You Are Not Alone

6. Jackson 5 Medley

7. I’ll Be There

8. Billie Jean

9. Thriller

10. Beat It

11. Blood on the Dance Floor

12. Dangerous

13. Black or White

14. Earth Song

15. Heal the World

16. History

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  1. kietlennon

    These videos are not available. Can you upload other one???

  2. Unfortunately they’ve been taken down by youtube. I can’t find alternatives. But if/when I do, I will put them back here.

  3. Nick Grotzke

    Micahel Jackson would be the best pop idol of the centruy. Michael did a lot of stuffs in the music industry;*-

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