Stream: Brendan Benson – My Old Familiar Friend

Brendan Benson - My Old Familiar Friend

Outside of the Raconteurs, Brendan Benson carves out excellent pop tunes. His first three solo albums are testament to this, especially debut One Mississippi. His latest release My Old Familiar will be released next week, but for now, you can stream it in full online at NPR.

1. “A Whole Lot Better”
2. “Eyes on the Horizon”
3. “Garbage Day”
4. “Gonowhere”
5. “Feel Like Taking You Home”
6. “You Make a Fool Out of Me”
7. “Poised and Ready”
8. “Don’t Want to Talk”
9. “Misery”
10. “Lesson Learned”
11. “Borrow”

Stream it in full here:

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