TV: X-Factor 12 Live Finalists Leaked

So, Judge’s Houses are next weekend. I bet you all can’t wait. I know I can’t. X Factor is one of my biggest guilty pleasures, because it actually features talented people. (Forget last year’s Final Trio, that was a blip. But no-one can doubt the pop excellence of Shayne Ward and Leona Lewis!)

You came here looking to find out which twelve acts made the live finals, right? Well I’ve gotten my hands on what appears to be a leak of all the live acts, and if you don’t want any spoilers, look away now. If you do want to know who made the live finals for 2009, keep reading…

Lloyd Daniels

Rikki Loney

Joseph ‘Joe’ McElderry

Rachel Adedeji

Stacey Soloman

Lucie Jones

Jamie Archer (Jamie Afro)

Danyl Johnson

Olly Murs

Kandy Rain

John And Edward Grimes

Miss Frank

Oh and by the way, my favourite at this stage is Daniel Johnston, who is in the strongest category by miles, and my least favourite are those two Irish gobshites John and Edward in the worst category. The Overs have three very good acts, both Olly and Jamie Afro are exquisite showmen, but it’s surprising one of the ladies didn’t make it through there.

The Boys also have strong-ish acts, with Joe standing out so far for me. Plus he’s from Cheryl’s neck of the woods, so that’ll help him get some extra tuition! The Girls have two strong acts in Rachel and Lucie, but the wrong Stacey from Judge’s Houses was put through. Stacey McLean would’ve been better.

The Groups group is very disappointing this year, with only one good act – Miss Frank. They’ll bring something different to the competition, as their unique takes on pop standards have shown so far. However, Kandy Rain are more style than substance, and John and Edward are the worst X-Factor act since Same Difference. In fact they are the worst sibling act I have ever seen, they make Donna & Joe look like Oasis.

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