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Album News: Hem – Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night is the new soundtrack album from Hem. While not a proper Hem album, it features all the songs and music from the production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night performed by Hem and the onstage band at the Public Theater. Music performed by Hem will also include songs sung by the Twelfth Night cast including Anne Hathaway, Audra McDonald, Raul Esparza, John Patrick Walker, and of course, David Pittu. The album includes additional bonus songs, both instrumental and sung, not included in the final stage production.

Track Listing:
1. Illyrian Aire
2. Black Thorn Stick
3. One Self King
4. The Funeral
5. The Rose in the Heather
6. Take, O Take Those Lips Away
7. Take, O Take Those Lips Away (Instrumental)
8. Not Too Fast! Soft, Soft!
9. Full Phathom Five
10. Sebastian and Antonio
11. The Kerry Polka
12. O Mistress Mine
13. Come Away Death (Instrumental)
14. Come Away Death
15. The Clock Upbraids Me
16. The Little Villain
17. To The Gates Of Tartar
18. Illyrian Aire (Orchestral)
19. Where Is Fancy Bred?
20. Enter Sebastian
21. This Is the Air
22. The Bonnie Bunny
23. Hey Robin, Jolly Robin
24. I Am Gone, Sir
25. The Bonnie Bunny (Orchestral)
26. Tempests Are Kind
27. The Wind and the Rain
28. The Wind and the Rain (Reel)

The album is out now.

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