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Album News: The Felice Brothers – Mixtape CD

As you may already know from me constantly harping on about them, the Felice Brothers’ Yonder is the Clock is one of my favourite albums of the year. What you may not know is that some of the outtakes from that record have been compiled into a CD which the band had been selling at their live shows, called The Mixtape.

However, the band’s label caught word of this and thought that it would be a much better idea to make this into a somewhat official release and should be available on iTunes in the near future. I’ll tell you more when I hear it.

1.) Forever Green
2.) Ahab (Christmas sings this one)
3.) White Limo
4.) Let Me Come Home
5.) Captain’s Wife
6.) New Mexico
7.) 17 Years
8.) Marie
9.) Marlboro Man

Watch a Clip:

Here’s ‘Marlboro Man’ live:

Also, check out this great Felice Brothers blog:

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