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Download: The Dead Weather – Live at the 9:30 Club Bootleg

The Dead Weather - Live at the 9:30 Club Bootleg

I’m loving all these bootlegs these days. I’m also loving the grittiness of the Dead Weather album. So why not throw up a Dead Weather bootleg? Great idea Ronan!

This one is taken from the 9:30 Club in Washington DC on the 14th of July this year. It’s a great show, and really highlights the new band of Jack White and Allison Mosshart in full flight, moreso than the album does.

1. 60 Feet Tall
2. Bone House
3. Outside
4. So Far From Your Weapon
5. Cut Like a Buffalo
6. Forever My Queen
7. Rocking Horse
8. New Pony
9. No Hassle Night
10. Will There Be Enough Water?
11. Encore Break
12. Treat Me Like Your Mother
13. Child of a Few Hours
14. Hang You From The Heavens

Full Show

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