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Download: John Mayer – Williamsburg Bootleg (11.16.09)

This excellent recording and upload was provided by Miguel (Geckoman) of John Mayer at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in New York, from Monday night. (Yes, there’s a bootleg out there already). Thanks so much to Miguel for this, and to Lenny for the oh-so-fantastic cover art.

John plays a lot of material from the new album Battle Studies, and you can download a sample mp3 of ‘Who Says’ live in NYC below, before downloading the full .zip file.

John Mayer
Music Hall of Williamsburg
Brooklyn, New York City, NY
November 16, 2009

Waiting was cut off, I must have pressed the pause button but I resumed it towards the end. Missing the last minute (maybe less) of FLON

1. Heartbreak Warfare
2. Vultures
3. Crossroads*
4. I Dont’ Trust Myself (With Loving You)
5. Perfectly Lonely
6. John talking
7. John talking
8. John talking
9. Why Georgia
10. Steve Jordan drumming > Waiting on the World to Change (cut)
11. end of Waiting
12. Comfortable > Free Fallin’
13. Edge of Desire
14. Belief
15. War of My Life
16. Half of My Heart
17. Bigger than My Body
18.. Gravity part 1
19. Gravity part 2
20. Who Says
21. John’s “congregation”
22. Friends, Lovers Or Nothing (cut by 30 secs. to 1min)

John Mayer – ‘Who Says’ (16 Nov 09)

Full Show

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  1. Alex

    it expired! can you repost it please?! i loved that show!

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