Download: The Beatles – Everyday Chemistry Mixtape

Everyday Chemistry is a Beatles mixtape made by James Richards who provides a very extensive back story about how the Beatles Never Broke Up. The story itself is a fine piece of fiction, but the mixtape is far more interesting. You can download each individual song as .mp3 or the entire thing as a .zip file over on his page. Before all that, you can sample a small few tunes below.

“Everyday Chemistry” Tracklist:
1. Four Guys
2. Talking To Myself
3. Anybody Else
4. Sick To Death
5. Jenn
6. I’m Just Sitting Here
7. Soldier Boy
8. Over The Ocean
9. Days Like These
10. Saturday Night
11. Mr Gators Swamp Jamboree

The Beatles – ‘Jenn’
The Beatles – ‘Over the Ocean’

More info/download:

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