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Album News: Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds – Live in Las Vegas

Tim Reynolds has always added a lot when he plays with the Dave Matthews Band. His guitar fills and riffs are excellent, and when Dave and Tim play acoustic shows they are even better. He brings out the best in Matthews. Live at Luther College is one of the best live releases of the 90s, and D&T are to start of the 10s with a new live album. Recorded over three nights in Las Vegas, NV earlier this month , the record is due on February 9th, 2010.

Disc: 1
1. Eh Hee
2. Dancing Nancies
3. Squirm
4. Grace Is Gone
5. Alligator Pie
6. One Sweet World
7. Loving Wings
8. Grey Street
9. Kundalini Bonfire
10. Oh
11. Christmas Song
12. Funny The Way It Is
13. Stay Or Leave
14. Shake Me Like A Monkey
15. Lying In The Hands Of God

Disc: 2
1. Bartender
2. Kashmir
3. So Damn Lucky
4. Little Red Bird
5. Save Me
6. You & Me
7. Crush
8. Some Devil
9. Typical Situation
10. Sister
11. Two Step

Here’s a video of ‘Squirm’ from night two:

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