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Album News: Midlake – Courage of Others

Midlake - Courage of Others

The follow-up to Midlake’s splendid The Trials of Van Occupanther is due out on the second of February. It’s influenced by Nick Drake and Fairport Convention, so should be awesome.

01 “Acts Of Man”
02 “Winter Dies”
03 “Small Mountain”
04 “Core Of Nature”
05 “Fortune”
06 “Rulers, Ruling All Things”
07 “Children Of The Grounds”
08 “Bring Down”
09 “The Horn”
10 “The Courage Of Others”
11 “In The Ground”

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  1. Hazel D. Rutledge

    My pal recommended Midlake’s music to me 2 weeks ago and got this particular album. The tracks are hot! Highly recommended for any audiophile.

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