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Download: Drive-By Truckers – two live songs from The Big To Do

You’ve probably read the tracklist for the new Drive-By Truckers album The Big To Do, what you may not know is that they have already played some of these new songs live. On the 29th of August 2009, they played two new tunes at the Visulite Theatre in Charlotte on their two-night stand there. The first ‘Get Downtown’ is a Mike Cooley penned song, and is track 8 on the new album. The second, ‘I Told You So’, or ‘(It’s Gotta Be) I Told You So’ is one of the songs bassist Shonna Tucker takes the lead vocal on, and is track 10. You can get them both here as mp3s, or else go over and get the entire bootleg in a zip file as mp3, flac, or ogg, whichever you wish!

The Drive-By Truckers – ‘Get Downtown’
The Drive-By Truckers – ‘(It’s Gotta Be) I Told You So’

Full Show

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