List: Top 10 Irish Songs of 2009

I originally posted this on Nialler9‘s blog as part of his readers’ poll for the best Irish albums and songs of the year. Well here’s my top 10 Irish songs of 2009, complete with videos. Enjoy!

1. The Holy Roman Army – Stagger Gently Home

What a fantastic video, created by the kids at Drumphea National School in Co. Carlow. Plus the song itself is amazing.

2. David Geraghty – Tuesday’s Feet
(No video, not even a live one online)

3. 202s – Ease My Mind

4. Duckworth Lewis Method – Jiggery Pokery

5. The Holy Roman Army – Elegy

(Recorded by 2uibestow)

6. CODES – This is Goodbye

7. David Geraghty – Watch Her Win

(also recorded by 2uibestow)

8. Super Extra Bonus Party – Comets

9. The Chapters – Videotapes

10. I am Not Lefthanded – Everybody Sleeps

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