Setlist: Madness, O2 Dublin, 28 December 2009

Suggs brought the Madness to Dublin’s O2 on Monday (see what I did there), for one of the last big gigs of 2009. It went down a treat with all their longterm fans (somehow I doubt there were many new converts), as they played a mix of old and new.

1.One Step Beyond 4:12 Min.
2.Embarrassment 3:47 Min. (with Help interpolation)
3.The Prince 3:04 Min.
4.NW5 4:40 Min.
5.My Girl 3:13 Min.
6.Dust Devil 3:54 Min.
7.Sun & The Rain 4:30 Min.
8.Johnny The Horse 3:26 Min.
9.Shut Up 3:47 Min.
10.In The Rain 2:32 Min.
11.Clerkenwell Polka 4:55 Min.
12.Iron Shirt 3:51 Min.
13.MKII 2:05 Min.
14.Bed & Breakfast Man 3:00 Min.
15.That Close 4:12 Min.
16.Ernie 2:25 Min.
17.Forever Young 5:21 Min.
18.House Of Fun 2:47 Min.
19.Wings Of A Dove 3:11 Min.
20.Baggy Trousers 2:26 Min.
21.Our House 3:51 Min.
22.It Must Be Love 6:27 Min.
23.Tarzan’s Nuts 2:17 Min.
24.Madness 3:48 Min.
25.Night Boat To Cairo 4:52 Min.

Set thanks to Mad.Irishman on the Madness Central Forum.

Watch ‘Ernie’ live in Dublin:

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